Skincare inspired by the beauty and seasons of New England.

Lemon Verbena Body Scrub


12 oz

Rhode Island is home to a delicious frozen lemonade company that once had trucks coming through neighborhoods (like the ice cream truck) and nothing said summer refreshment like a cup of that lemonade. Each cup always has a slice of lemon for a burst of lemon. Our Lemon Verbena collection is inspired by this deliciousness and with a blend of fresh lemon essential oil and herbal verbena will leave you feeling brightened and uplifted. 

Our scrub is infused with refreshing lemon oils to provide a refreshing, aromatic, sensory experience while fine cane sugar, unrefined shea butter and luxurious oils blend together leaving your skin silky smooth. 

Ingredients: Fine cane sugar, olive oil, coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, candelilla wax, emulsifying wax, lemon peel, lemon peel powder, lemon essential oil, polysorbate, fragrance, vitamin e.

* Our products are vegan, cruelty free and formulated without phthalates, parabens, and sulfates. 

* Professional back bar sizes available.  

12 oz recyclable jar


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