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In conversation with the owners of Haven Spa in New York City

Lisa Kennally

Posted on June 22 2020

The moment I stepped in to Haven Spa in SOHO, NYC, I knew this spa was special. The decor, ranging from an authentic brick wall, holding a vast array of skin and body care along with novelty items you can't miss, is inviting and says "leave your worries behind'! Haven Spa NYC is a full service day spa located in the heart of SOHO in NYC and has been owned since 1988 by two dynamic women, Audra Senkus and Gabrielle Ophals. Clients and staff are eagerly waiting for their doors to re-open (which hopefully will be soon). Thank you to Gabrielle and Audra for the interview (virtually of course) and read all about their spa below. For additional information contact Haven at the following: 250 Mercer Street, New York, NY, 10012 - 212.343.3515 Info@Havensoho.Com
1. What is your background and what was the path that led you to create Haven?
Audra and I purchased a small salon in the West Village - Dyanna Personal Care - in 1993, after both having worked at various salons for several years prior.  After a few years at Dyanna, we had clients asking us to open something further East.  We had been talking about opening a second location anyway and began our search from the Upper East Side down to the Wall St. area.  We found the perfect space in SoHo and there we opened Haven.  At the time (1998) the day spa was still in its early stages and we decided that was the direction we wanted to go.  We wanted to offer what we were doing at Dyanna (facials, waxing, nails), and augment that with massage and body treatments.
2. What is unique about Haven? What brings your clients in on a regular basis?
Audra and I have always been very hands on - customer interaction has been our top priority since the very beginning.  Our staff forms strong relationships with our clients and I think that's what we've become known for.  People come to us not just because they can get great services but because it's like visiting old friends.
3.During this time of absence from getting facials, massages and nail treatments, what do you suggest for good regimes at home?
    This COVID-19 crisis has taken its toll on personal care.  Many of us have been spoiled by years of professional beauty care.  I do not like doing my own nails and it certainly shows, lol!  What we've been recommending to our clients most is to continue following their regimen of skin care, adding in a mask once a week if they can.  Massage at home if you live alone is not a possibility.  If you're lucky enough to have a partner who likes to massage you then enjoy!  Self massage is really never the same although there are certain pressure points you can focus on.  With nails, conditioning your cuticles and filing are really the main focus.  A well taken care of nail looks better than a poorly polished one so don't worry so much about polishing your nails right now.  Plus, it's good to give your nails a break.
    4. What are your “go to” favorite products and best sellers?
    Our scrubs are probably our most popular products.  There's a scrub for everyone and they're great for keeping your skin smooth and youthful (don't use them more than 2-3 times a week).  Anything by Ultraluxe or Cane and Austen is great.  Rhonda Allison makes a great antioxidant serum, and we're also pretty dedicated to iS Clinical.  We're quite particular about what we carry in our boutique so my short answer for favorite products is - EVERYTHING!  LOL
    5. What can your guest expect to see differently when you re-open? Any new treatments or fun themes in the future?
    When we open - which will hopefully be very soon - we will mainly focus on keeping our clients and staff safe.  We have always taken sanitation seriously but we're definitely adding in some new protocols and procedures - e.g. masks and face shields, no walk ins, more spacing between clients, and the like.  
    Have you been to Haven Spa? Tell us about your experience and favorite spa treatments in the comments below please!



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